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New Evidence Seems to Support Claim That Steven Avery Was Framed

Anyone has watched “Making a Murderer” on Netflix most likely walked away feeling pretty confident that Steven Avery was framed. But other than the evidence presented at his original trial, there hasn’t been anything concrete to prove the defense’s and Avery’s theory that the Manitowoc County Police Department framed him for the murder of Theresa Halbach. However, new evidence has been uncovered that seems to support this claim. Continue reading New Evidence Seems to Support Claim That Steven Avery Was Framed

Questions After Watching “Making a Murderer” – Steven Avery


Whether you think Steven Avery is guilty or innocent, the Manitowoc Police are capable of framing him for the murder of Theresa Halbach, or at the very least he didn’t get a fair trial, there are some questions you should be asking yourself having finished the Netflix series “Making a Murderer.”

  • Prosecution claimed that Halbach was afraid of Avery because he was “creepy.” If she was really as afraid of him as they claim why would she show up at the Avery salvage yard to take photos? It was also known by everyone that she went to Avery’s that day. She told her supervisors that she was heading to the Salvage yard to take photos and Avery told others that she was coming over as well. 
  • It was also claimed that Avery used *67 to hide his identity so that Halbach wouldn’t know that he was the one who was calling. It could have been anyone at the Salvage yard, no one except Avery asked for albis.
  • We know that Avery Salvage is HUGE.  During the trial and documentary, we are shown overhead images of how big the entire property entails. It is about 40 acres in fact. Question is:  How does a volunteer find Halbach’s car in only 30 minutes of searching. It should have taken days or at the very least hours.
  • In the documentary, a recording was played revealing Sheriff Colburn calling in plates matching Halbach’s car. It sounded as if he had found her car even though it didn’t get reported as being found until 2 days later by the volunteer at Avery salvage yard.
  • One of the big pieces of evidence in the prosecution was the blood found in Halbach’s car. However, none of Avery’s fingerprints were found in her car. Why?
  • Then the other big piece of evidence was the key to Halbach’s car which was found in Avery’s bedroom. Several big questions with this one. Why did it take 8 searches to find the key? Why was it conveniently sheriff Lenk that found the key, especially considering he was being sued for 36 million? 
  • Also regarding the key. Avery’s DNA was found on the key but none of Halbach’s DNA’s was found on they key despite it being her car key for YEARS.
  • According to the prosecution, Halbach was shot in the garage and throat slit in the trailer. However, no blood was found in the garage or trailer. Prosecution argued that he cleaned up everything. However deer blood was found in the garage but no blood from Halbach. If he cleaned everything how was months old blood from a deer found? If her throat was slit, there would be DNA and blood everywhere, but it wasn’t even found in the cracks.
  • Avery appears to be the only suspect investigated deeply. Why? Halbach’s roommate didn’t report her missing for 4 days after she went missing. Neither her roommate nor ex- boyfriend had to provide alibis?
  • It came up during the investigation that Halbach’s ex-boyfriend, an individual who was close to both her and her roommate, had deleted voicemails off her phone soon after her disappearance. Why did he delete these messages and how did he “guess” her password. Both to her phone and computer. Why did investigators not think this was weird?
  • The documentary, it was discovered that blood evidence was tampered with. Who tampered with it and why? 
  • Much like the key evidence, it took multiple searches for the cops and investigators to find the single bullet in the garage that they claimed was used to shoot Halbach. Why did it take multiple searches and 5 months to find one bullet that was supposedly in plain sight in garage?
  • Investigators interviews Brendan Dassey for 4 hours without his family or lawyer present. Why didn’t they call his mother, a lawyer, or anyone to tell them they were interrogating him? Why did this happen multiple times.
  • When the jurors were polled after the trial, it was found that going in, a majority was voting innocent. By the end they all flipped to guilty. Now, 2 jurors came forward saying they thought Avery was innocent but voted guilty for fear for their lives? Why was a volunteer for the sheriff dept. Allowed to be on the jury when said sheriff dept was being sued for 36 million dollars?
  • The sheriff actually went on live tv saying it would easier to kill Steven than to plant evidence.

But what should bother everyone is the fact that presumption of innocense was lost. To quote the prosecution “Reasonable doubt is for the innocent.”