Slender Man Stabbing Girls Will Be Tried as Adults

It was finally decided by the Wisconsin state appeals court that the two girls accused of trying to kill their classmate in an attempt to please the fictional horror character Slender Man should be tried as adults.

The two girls, Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier, were 12 years old at the time they attacked a classmate claiming they were trying to appease the fictional horror characters. Investigators claim the girls plotted for months before luring their classmate into some woods after a birthday sleepover and repeatedly stabbing her. The victim, who was also 12, was found along a road, bleeding from 19 stab wounds that nearly killed her. The classmate survived. 

Weier and Geyser have been charged with attempted first-degree intentional homicide and now will go to trial as adults instead of minors.


If convicted could go to prison for up to 65 years. As juveniles, they could be incarcerated for up to three years then supervised until age 18. Anyone 10 or older charged with first-degree attempted homicide is automatically considered an adult under Wisconsin law. But defense attorneys have argued that the case belongs in juvenile court, saying the adolescents suffer from mental illness and won’t get the treatment they need in the adult prison system. However, experts testified that one of the girls has schizophrenia and an oppositional defiant disorder that requires long-term mental health treatment. The other girl has been diagnosed with a delusional disorder and a condition known as schizotypy, which a psychologist testified made her vulnerable to believing in Slender Man.

Part of the reason the courts decided to try the defendents as adults had to do with the fact that evidence showed the crime was not accidental or impulsive, but planned out and violent. Adding on top of the fact that if they were  found guilty in the juvenile system they would be released at age 18 with no supervision or mental health treatment.

Weier and Geyser are now 14 years old.

A status conference in the case was set for Aug. 19. An HBO documentary on the case was released in March.

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