Investigation Discovery to Air a Special on Adnan Syed of Serial

Investigation Discovery, or as I call it The Murder Channel, is set to air a special based on the Adnan Syed conviction. 

The upcoming documentary will include the first one-on-one interview with Syed’s defense attorney, Justin Brown who did this year’s PCR hearing for Syed. Brown will  discuss the evidence currently being reexamined in Baltimore city court, including Asia McClain’s potential alibi for Syed and the disputed AT&T cell-phone tower evidence used to convict him.

Reportedly, the special will also contain interviews with people closely associated with the case, including the medical examiner who reviewed the autopsy report, the lawyer who represented Adnan at his bail hearing, a juror from the 2000 trial, multiple friends of Adnan and Hae Min Lee, and the Woodlawn High teacher who was the last person to see Hae on campus.

The special airs June 14.


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