Steven Avery Has an “Airtight Alibi” Says Lawyer

More proof keeps popping up in defense of Steven Avery according to his lawyer, Kathleen Zellner. She teased recently that she had found new evidence that could potentially clear Avery in the murder of Theresa Halbach. Last week, she revealed that her client had an “airtight alibi” proving that he is innocent and that the county framed him for the murder.

According to Zellner, new cellphone tower evidence proves that Avery never left his property but Halbach did thus showing that she was murdered elsewhere and by someone else. She tweeted this case update:


Zellner obtained the cellphone location data from cellphone towers for both Avery and Halbach on the day of the murder. (It is important to note that Halbach’s cellphone records including both incoming and outgoing calls were discussed in the original trial, but not location data.)

The location data for Halbach’s line could be crucial it not only getting Avery out of prison but also figuring out where the young woman was in the hours before her disappearance. Avery has long maintained that he saw her leave the property the day she disappeared. Not to mention that in various statements, Brendan Dassey has said he also saw her leaving the property.

The only problem with this new evidence is that Avery could have left his cellphone at the salvage yard while murdering Halbach. But still this new evidence could lead to something new.


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