New Evidence Seems to Support Claim That Steven Avery Was Framed

Anyone has watched “Making a Murderer” on Netflix most likely walked away feeling pretty confident that Steven Avery was framed. But other than the evidence presented at his original trial, there hasn’t been anything concrete to prove the defense’s and Avery’s theory that the Manitowoc County Police Department framed him for the murder of Theresa Halbach. However, new evidence has been uncovered that seems to support this claim.

stevenaveryjuryguiltymakingamurderernetlfixAvery’s current lawyer is Kathleen Zeller and she say’s she found pretty incriminating evidence against the police department. She is so confident that a few weeks ago she released a statement saying that it “inevitable” that Avery will walk for wrongful conviction. She also released a statement that she found several key pieces of evidence proving that he was innocent but was waiting on confirmation.

Then, this week newly surfaced evidence came to light strengthening the claims. The information was revealed when the death certificate for Halbach was made available through Freedom of Information requests.  But the interesting part is that the certificate appears to be just as screwed up as the case.

The certificate says “No” there wasn’t a body found but further down when it asks if an autopsy was performed it says “Yes.” Another inconsistency is in the box that asks cause of death, which first listed “undetermined” gets crossed out and replaced with “homicide.”

It goes on to list that her certificate was issued on November 10, 2005 but the Halbach’s bone fragments were not recieved by the Calumet County coroner on November 9. Then the certificate identifies the remains as belonging to Halbach on December 5 despite her bones remaining unidentified (or at least positively confirmed) until January 19.

It should be noted that Avery was charged with the murder on November 9 and in order to charge someone, proof of death is required. So, it would seem that someone, whether police or sheriff or whoever, rushed the paperwork in order to charge Avery as soon as possible.


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