Buried Knife Found on OJ Simpson’s Fromer Estate Being Investigated

Yesterday something insane happened. Is it 1994 again??

According to reports surfacing, a mysterious knife was found on OJ Simpson’s former property. The knife, described as a folding buck knife, was actually found by a construction worker “years ago” when the house was being demolished.

Why did it take so long to find its way to authorities?

Well the construction worker did turn it over to an off duty police officer and forfeited the weapon. That officer, who was actually working security for a film shoot just across the street on Rockingham, never turned over the knife to evidence. Instead, he stashed it at his own residence for several years. The knife only came to light when the police officer retired and  allegedly contacted his friend in the department’s Robbery Homicide Division to reportedly get the departmental record number for the Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman murder case. The officer allegedly wanted to frame the knife and display it in his home.

The friend was understandably shocked by this request and alerted the department before demanding the knife be turned over for further investigation.

Currently, the knife is being tested for potential fingerprints, will soon be tested for various biological evidence. Though the age of the knife obscures accuracy to the naked eye, one source tells TMZ the knife appeared to “have blood residue on it,” though this detail has thus far not been confirmed by the department’s investigation.

During a press conference held Friday afternoon, Andrew Neiman of the LAPD confirmed the discovery of the knife and told reporters that an investigation is ongoing. However, due to the rules of double jeopardy, even if the knife definitively links Simpson to the crime, Neiman adds it would prevent them from taking action against him. “As with all cases that remain open, unless there’s an actual arrest or conviction, the cases remain open,” Neiman told reporters, according to KTLA.


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