Steven Avery’s Ex Fiance Speaks Out – Claims Avery is Guilty


The Netflix documentary series, “Making a Murder” has caused an uproar all over the internet and the United States but despite the fact the it depicts events from a decade ago, the major players are starting to speak out. The doc follows Steven Avery, a man convicted of a murder he may not have committed.

Jodi Stanchowski, who you may remember from the doc for her undying love for Steven Avery and her bitchin’ Ski Doo jacket, has now made several startling claims about whether her ex-fiance is guilty or innocent.

In the doc, Jodi is often seen sweet talking with Avery on the phone, visiting him, attending his court dates, and being all around completely supportive. All this changes, however, when she is given a do not contact order and then (after violating it several times) she is pretty much forced into keeping her life together or supporting Avery and the two break up for good.

Now, Jodi has spoken out since the doc has become talk of the entire US. She is accusing Avery of being both physicially abusive as well as threatening murder, and using intimidation to coerce her to appearing as supporting and loving as she did on screen. She also mentions that Avery felt he could get away with anything and that he was “owed” something more since his 18 years behind bars for the rape he didn’t commit.

Jodi insists that their two year relationship was everything but loving and butterflies. During their time together, she claims domestic abuse was a very common occurrence and that at least once Avery threatened to murder her and her entire family.

Unfortunately for both Avery and Jodi, she was in was in jail for DUI on the day of Teresa Halbach’s death. However, as the records show the two talked on the phone that day. In the doc she says that when he called he didn’t sound suspicious or rushed but now she is claiming that her words were a lie and that after being with him for so long she could hear in voice something was off.

Jodi also adds that he called her from jail the day she was scheduled to be interviewed for Making a Murderer, threatening physical harm if she failed to “make him look good.” When the creators of the doc reached out to her last year, she supposedly told them everything she said in her first interview was a lie, and asked to be removed from the narrative completely. She declined to be interviewed a second time, but her original interview, of course, remained in the series.

Whether Jodi is telling the truth now or before during the making of the doc, its interesting at least.

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